Things every personalized Christmas hampers should have

With so many options, it might be difficult to narrow down the contents of your personalised Christmas hamper, therefore Hampers Perth has compiled a list of items that should be included in every hamper.

Luxury Coffee

It may seem strange, but what better way to start the holidays than with a leisurely breakfast and a pot of the freshest, fresh coffee? Choose from robust or gentle mixes to add a touch of luxury to every occasion.


A bottle of bubbly to keep in the fridge, whether it’s Prosecco or Champagne, is always a good idea.


Some say it’s the new Christmas pudding, but we think both have a place! This is the perfect companion to a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire. It’s light, buttery, and decadent.

Smoked Salmon

While they’re sipping their fine coffee, your lucky receivers can prepare a delectable brunch with smoked salmon. Eggs Benedict isn’t your typical breakfast, but your loved ones can indulge with a pack buried inside their hamper.

A near-constant carousel of cheeses is a must-have for any Christmas, thus they must be included in your personalised Christmas hamper. To appeal to all sides, including a few of kinds like a crowd-pleasing cheddar and a creamy Stilton.

Biscuits with a Savoury Flavour

Because all that cheese has to go somewhere, savoury biscuits are a must. Choose one with a strong flavour, such as red chilli, or one with a more subtle flavour, such as black pepper.


Is it really necessary to explain this? We could go on and on about milk, white, dark, wrapped in fudge, laced with liquor…


You must have some jars of chutney around Christmas to brighten up a turkey sandwich, to top off the perfectly stacked cheesy cracker, or to compliment the Christmas ham.


Perfect with a glass of wine or as a snack while watching their favourite Christmas film. At Christmas, nuts are a must-have. If they like to explore new things, we have basic varieties as well as those with more experimental flavours.


Port is a Christmas tradition that should not be missed. It pairs well with stilton and is a natural partner for a mince pie. If you only want a smidgeon of Christmas cheer, half bottles are also available.

Alternatively, we may do the grunt work for you. We have carefully selected and ranged Christmas hampers that are just a few clicks away.